We have developed a traceability system. The ranch records the individual history of all cattle using both EID (Electronic ID tag) and traditional ear tags. At our plant, we put the processing number on each carcass, which coincides with the ear tag number. We set up the history of the specific cattle . like the birth, age, processing, etc. required as the trace-back information.

. USDA Inspected
. Natural, no growth hormones, never-ever program
. 100% American Wagyu Program
 At Masami, all steps of the process are well managed and handled by Supervisors with several years experience in our company, who know what our customers want and how we have to take care of the products to enhance the quality.

 Arriving cattle from the ranch rest overnight in the holding pens with fresh water to recover from the stress of their trip up to Masami Foods. The processing room is frequently washed down to be kept clean. All carcasses are hung in our coolers, without spray chill, for two nights to make them cold enough (under 40°F). The Boning Room temperature is controlled under 44.5°F, to inhibit bacterial growth and multiplication significantly. The process is programmed to be completed within 10 minutes for beef, this also contributes to minimizing the bacterial count on meat surfaces.

 The meat products are carefully inspected before the packaging process. They are vacuum sealed, then transferred to the boxing process. The packed products run through the shrink tunnel steamed over 180°F, then put through our unique chill tank system under 40°F. This heating and chilling process which helps to maintain the products sterilization and have longer quality shelf lives.

 The boxed meats are palletized and set in a shipping room until loading. The room is controlled under 35°F. The products are loaded onto pre-chilled containers, the temperature is kept at 32°F during the transportation to our customers.

. Overall carcass maturity,"A"
. Grain Fed, special Japanese feeding method
. Minimally processed