Masami Ishida, the owner of the company, started Masami Cattle Ranch, Inc. in Corning, California (6,500 acre cattle ranch and feedlot) in June, 1988. Masami Foods, Inc. started in Klamath Falls, Oregon USA (Meat packing facility) in March, 1992.
 His philosophy has always been to supply the consumers with the best and a clear history of reliability. Masami Foods, Inc. and its sister company Masami Cattle Ranch, Inc. (CA) play important roles in this supply chain management system.

 Here at Masami, we go beyond what the government requirements and definitions are for beef labeled as “Natural”.
 By definition, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines natural as: any meat raised for human consumption that does not contain additives, and is minimally processed. Masami Foods believes consumers want and deserve more when it comes to “natural” labeled beef.
 So what makes Masami beef so savory, sweet and delicate?
 We begin with specific bloodlines that produce unique muscle fibers and distinct, flavorful marbling, and then grain feed them to exacting standards with a special 100% vegetarian diet over 365 days. The cattle are closely monitored every step of the way throughout our finishing and production process to make sure our beef meets our exacting quality standards.
 We take pride and care in producing the finest beef available to our customers.