Masami Beef . Since 1992

°°It is our pleasure to present American Wagyu Beef from Masami Cattle Ranch and Masami Foods. Wagyu is recognized as the worlds finest beef, unmatched for flavor, texture and overall dining satisfaction.
Unlike most others, all our beef you receive come from Masami Cattle Ranch only, our sister company in Corning, California. You can be certain that beef from Masami is at the forefront of the American Wagyu Beef in the industry, by consistently providing the legendary taste and velvety smooth texture of American Wagyu Beef.
The cattle born at our ranch furnish the very best of the rich, tasty meats and provide higher Japanese Beef Marbling Scores (BMS).
Masami Beef is an °»All Natural°… product and fits all criteria for the °…Never Ever°… program.
Our unique feeding program contributes to this high meat quality. After the cattle start life on the grass covered hills of our ranch, they are finished on Masami°«s special feeding program in our own feedlots located on our ranch.
Under our feeding program, the cattle are raised with family care and fed an all-vegetarian diet . no added hormones and no animal byproducts.
The whole process from start to finish keeps health problems to a minimum and enable us to provide this excellent beef to our customers.

U.S.D.A. inspectors are on site at Masami Foods, from before we begin our production, to ensure the safety of our products. Beef trim samples are taken from time to time by U.S.D.A., inspectors to ensure complete product safety, Masami Foods also conducts its own trim tests to further ensure food safety. In addition to the U.S.D.A. Masami Foods goes beyond the requirements, by passing a Third Party Audit. Third Party Audit requirements are more stringent, guaranteeing a wholesome product.

A Better Healthier Diet

°°According to research, the protein in beef can help you maintain muscle, healthy weight and healthy blood sugar levels while burning fat. Additionally, research has found that long-fed Wagyu beef is much higher in mono-unsaturated fatty acids than saturated fatty acids. Lastly, the percentage of fatty acid affects the texture and feel of food in the mouth, particularly in meats.
°°Masami American Wagyu Beef accentuates the key characteristics by which Wagyu Beef is known . highly marbled, palatable beef. Masami Wagyu Beef uses long feeding of a high-roughage diet, which has been proven to improve the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty ratio of this already nutrient-dense protein.
Source: Texas A&M and Washington University, Beef Check-Off